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Text Box: Education for the Construction Industry 

Text Box: For  Centuries, the Construction Trade has been traditionally handed down from Generation to Generation,  Father to Son, Grandfathers working  alongside great-grandchildren sharing the wealth of knowledge & skill that years of experience had brought them. Modern society has seen a shift in that process, with more Children going off to colleges and university’s to  learn things that their Parents never dreamed of. As a result, much of the vast knowledge of building skills are not being handed down to the next generation. Many schools have dropped the shop or vocational programs that bring new blood into our trade. As a result—Poor building practices abound, along with the new technologies that change traditional building methods, Carpenters and builders are often left to reinvent their installation techniques. Todays Carpenter & Builder needs to stay on the edge of the Curve. Continuing Education is the key to Success….

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